Captain and Crew

captain-5Captain Rick.

Leading you on this special adventure is Captain Rick Bergstresser. Captain Rick has over thirty years of commercial and recreational sport fishing experience and twelve years fishing Costa Rican waters.  A long time big game hunter, fisherman, pilot, surfer and outdoorsman, Captain Rick was featured in the book Great Hunters, Safari Press 1997, for his more than thirty years of exploits as an outdoorsmen.  His love of adventure is contagious.  He will put you in the right spot to make the most of your time at sea.  Captain Rick uses his vast experience to ensure a safe open sea experience.  Known for his easy-going nature, Captain Rick will tailor your excursion to your group. 

Brian King.

Brian has 20 plus years experience fishing Costa Rican waters.  A pioneer ex-patriot fisherman, Brian arrived in Tamarindo when it was little more than a fishing village.  Our clients love his laid back, knowledgeable approach to captaining and fishing these tropical waters.  Brian has vast experience leading both in shore and off shore fishing charters.  If they are biting, Brian will find them.


As important as your captain is to creating an enjoyable experience, the crew also plays a vital roll.  While the captain is up on the bridge spotting fish and safely piloting the boat, the crew has primary interaction with the client.  The Rhino Charger boasts two English-speaking crewmembers.  Our crew has been with us for many years, leading to great teamwork between captain and crew.  Like our Captain, our crew is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable fishing experience.